Introduction to Featured Artists

Introduction to Featured Artists

Chad Anderson: Watching the Prairie Disappear

“In this photo I was seeking to capture the reflection of the prairie in the cow’s eye as it watches the range disappear. Cattle are the ultimate symbol for ranching, which represents a way of life, an important ecosystem, and much more that is being lost due to economic factors, urban sprawl, and development.”

Susan Harrell: Infant Belt with Velcro

“Each belt takes approximately 15 hours to complete and there is generally a waiting list, but I find that the customization process and the anticipation make the delivery that much sweeter in the end.”

Mary Verrandeaux: Sunset Training

“I’m familiar with how horses should stand and how they should look from my horse-showing background. Show horses are very calm and used to a lot of activity from being on the road, and most owners don’t realize that just interacting with the horse and doing natural things help the picture turn out right.”

Rick Pezzimenti: Nun’s Orchids at Bok Tower

“In the past, I have arrived at Bok Tower Gardens at sunrise to take photographs just after the morning fog has lifted, which provides optimum soft lighting for the flowers of the grounds. One thing about Bok Tower, when you arrive its effect is instantly relaxing. It’s just so peaceful to walk around.”

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