Hot topics for your lawn this summer

With all the heat and rain we are experiencing lately, it’s that time of year when the pests come out in full force. Make sure to get a good systemic insecticide put down on your lawn to help prevent pest infestation. These yard-consuming critters will destroy your lawn and ornamentals if they are left unchecked. Spraying now will help put a stopgap in place so your lawn and flowers can enjoy the summer.

It’s also an important time to check your plants and turf for signs of fungus. They can become much more susceptible to damage with all the rain we have been receiving. Treating them at the first sign of trouble is essential.

In addition, you may want to start monitoring your irrigation system. If it happens to rain that day, it’s a good idea to turn off the system in order to conserve water and prevent saturation.

Don’t forget to check with your local professionals if you have any issues. Businesses like Doty’s in Winter Haven and Crowder Brothers in Lakeland can offer a full range of help and advice. Whether you need a spray service or just some helpful tips for your “do-it-yourself” weekend, these local experts are here to lend a hand.


column by EVAN QUINN

BIO: Evan Quinn is a native Floridian who went to Winter Haven High School. While growing up, he learned hard work and customer service from his labor on the family’s poultry operation. He has operated Quinn and Company Land Services, Citrus Nursery Management, and Central Florida Pest Management for the past 11 years.

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