The latest story on Mr. Story

| Recognized for putting the world of Florida citrus above himself |

Here at Central Florida Ag News, we would like to take a moment to congratulate one of the most dedicated gentleman to represent our state’s citrus industry. Florida Grower has named Mr. Victor “Vic” Story, Jr., the 2012 Citrus Achievement Award winner. Sponsored by Chemtura AgroSolutions, this award is meant to shine a light on individuals who truly epitomize the “workhorse” attitude that is needed in such a vital industry.

When asked what his first thoughts were upon receiving the award, Story tells us: “There are others in this industry more deserving than I am. I’ve never thought about receiving an award for the things I’ve done!” That just goes to show you how he selflessly and willingly puts the world of Florida citrus above himself.

One of the most important parts of what Story does is educating elected officials about the citrus industry, focusing squarely on its importance and needs. During his time as the Florida Citrus Mutual president, he acted as host for many state and federal government officials and represented those who depend on the advancement and protection of citrus.

Another true passion of his, however, can be found in a classroom full of future growers. Story recalls, “The thing I have enjoyed the most is going to schools and telling students about Florida citrus. Stressing the importance of choosing healthy foods and making good choices in their lives is something I will always cherish.”

True to Story’s vision and drive to keep the citrus industry on the forefront, he has his sights set on the future. Having had a successful tenure at Florida Citrus Mutual, he hopes to continue to serve on the board of directors. He also will continue to help elect and educate public officials about the Florida citrus industry and all that agriculture has to offer.

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