Quinn Carter an exhibitor to be reckoned with

High school student has Brangus in the blood

Quinn Carter grew up barrel racing, hunting with her father, and enjoying her days on the family’s ranch, Rafter Double C. It wasn’t, however, until her neighbor, Lindsey Chism, invited her to a Future Farmers of America competition that Quinn became interested in showing Brangus.

“Before, I was big on horses and loved barrel racing,” says the 17-year old. “I was hooked as soon as I went to watch Lindsey show. I have been so lucky to have Lindsey as a mentor. She taught me what FFA was all about and what it meant to her.”

Next year, as a senior at Haines City High School, Quinn would like to pay it forward and mentor other students. “I have been lucky to have helped a few people so far, but I hope to be able to continue to encourage others to be a part of FFA,” Quinn says.

Her biggest and most recent accomplishments include being selected by the Florida Cattlemen’s Association as 2011-12 Florida Premier Brangus Exhibitor and 2011-12 Florida Premier Brangus Bull.

Despite the acclaim though, she’s learned that there’s more to it than just how to care for animals and being able to wear an FFA jacket. “FFA is not just about showing cows,” Quinn elaborates. “I’ve learned about public speaking, setting goals, leadership, and being responsible and accountable.”

According to her mother, Kim, Quinn already knew about responsibility before becoming involved in showing Brangus. “Quinn babysits and cares for other people’s horses to make money for what she needs in order to show.”

Quinn gives much credit to her parents and brothers, Chance and Ridge, for her success. “My Dad helps me every day when he gets home from work,” she says. “He helps me bathe and work ’em – keep ’em in shape.” Quinn continues, “My brothers helped me build my barn. They support me no matter what. They have my back.”

Most of Quinn’s days are filled with caring for her three Brangus and the other animals that she shows or has shown, like poultry and swine.

Yet, she remains focused on the Brangus and her goals reflect that true passion.

“My goal is to win Premier Bull for three years and I plan on achieving that,” she states.

Tina Troncale, owner of Southeastern Hay and Livestock Supply in Winter Haven, isn’t surprised that Quinn feels she can realize her dreams. “The first things that come to mind when I think of Quinn is a young lady full of character. She’s smart, funny, humble and fiercely loyal,” Troncale says. “All those qualities allow her to be a strong competitor because in her mind she’s not the best, she can do better, she’s admiring others and doesn’t realize there’s dozens admiring what she has accomplished.”

Quinn’s mentor, Lindsey Chism, who is now a college student, agrees. “She’s very driven and always wants to learn more,” she says. “She asks me how I did this and how I did that. I know she said I’m an inspiration, but really, she has become an inspiration to me.”

With one more year before she begins college to major in large animal veterinary medicine, she’s soaking up all the knowledge and experience she can. “I just love animals and being outdoors,” she says. “This is my heredity – it’s part of me and part of my family.”



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