Publisher Letter: Another Great Year of Telling the Florida Agriculture Story

Another year has come and gone for Florida agriculture, and despite the uncertain hurdles ahead, we’re working to turn our challenges into opportunities.

The spirit of taking a challenge and turning it into an opportunity is not new in the field of agriculture. For generations, farmers and ranchers have been overcoming everything from natural disasters to economic and regulatory issues.

In order to gain an edge in the agriculture industry, we have to utilize the latest in research and technology, which is a topic we presented earlier this year in the October 2012 edition of Central Florida Ag News. We’re also looking into alternative crops. Some of the rising stars for Florida are peaches and pomegranates, which we brought to you first in the August 2012 edition. We’re also preserving our way of life by passing our traditions to our children and teaching them invaluable lessons, which will enable them to carry the agriculture torch (a topic we also covered in the March 2012 edition).

I say all of this because at Central Florida Ag News, we make it our business to tell the story about the many facets that make Florida agriculture the diverse and enduring community that it is.

I hope that this letter finds you in good health; that the holidays surround you with the warmth and cheer that only the season can bring; and that the New Year brings you to a place of opportunity amidst the challenges.

Thanks for reading Central Florida Ag News, and for allowing us to be “The Voice of Agriculture for Our Region.”



Nelson Kirkland is publisher of Central Florida Ag News. He may be reached by e-mail at

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