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Publisher Letter: Whether you live next to — or a thousand miles away from — a farm, this is the edition for you

“Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil, and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower THE WORDS OF OUR 34th president of


Publisher Letter: Events that will help you expand, diversify, and increase efficiency

AS WE FOCUS on how farms and ranches can diversify with alternative crops, there are a few events happening this month that I’d like to bring to your attention. These


Publisher Letter: Happy anniversary, Central Florida Ag News!

THIS EDITION of Central Florida Ag News has a very special theme, one that I believe captures the spirit of our agriculture community. In this year’s Annual Citrus Report, we


Publisher Letter: Your Blueberry Roundup edition

WELCOME TO the Annual Blueberry Roundup edition of Central Florida Ag News! As a Florida blueberry grower myself, this edition has personal meaning to me. Some of the experiences of


Publisher Letter: A growing sensation among Florida crops

AS THE NUMBER of peach acres continues to climb in Florida, so does the consumer’s love for this sensation. The Florida peach is not only juicy and sweet, but they’re


Publisher Letter: News about where to apply for your Concealed Weapon License

WE AT Central Florida Ag News are pleased to bring you the AgriLiving edition, allowing you to take a look at the proud traditions and new trends that define the


Publisher Letter: Happy birthday to Central Florida Media Group — and ‘Thank you!’

IT WAS FIVE YEARS AGO this month that I filed for Central Florida Media Group’s federal ID number. That’s the number the government assigns to each incorporated business, and with


Publisher Letter: Celebrating the red gems of Florida

If Florida citrus is the state’s icon, then Florida strawberries could be called the red gems in our fields. As the second-largest producing region for strawberries in the U.S. —


Publisher Letter: The local economy and agriculture’s major impact

YOU MIGHT HAVE HEARD me say before that agriculture is one of the “sweet spots” of Florida’s economy. As an economic powerhouse, the state’s agriculture industry is a multibillion-dollar trade,


Publisher Letter: The journey has just begun

This month marks the third anniversary of Central Florida Media Group. Three years ago last month, as I packed up boxes and took down 24 years worth of plaques, awards