Why Should You Shop Local This Holiday?

In recent articles I’ve shared the importance of local companies giving back to their communities, including some of our own examples about how we support local FFA, 4-H, first responders, and even helped give childhood cancer “the boot.”  This is all made possible because local customers shop with us. Benefits of shopping local are a two-way street, but don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what others have to say….


3.5 Times More Local Return.  One study1 found that when you shop at a local independent business, 48% of your purchase gets re-circulated locally (other studies2 show has much as 68-73% stays local).  That’s three and a half times more than the 14% of purchases that gets re-circulated from a chain store.     


You’ll be Better Served!  Sure, the economic benefits to your local economy are important, but how does this impact you personally? Consider the service you receive from your local experts.  Another article3 highlights better ‘service’ as a main reason to shop locally – individual attention from a trusted source you can see and talk with in person.  


Products Better Suited for Your Local Florida Lifestyle.  Last but certainly not least, one recent blog post4 reminds us that every community is unique and local businesses help give each community their identity.  We know this is especially true in Florida. Going one step further, a local business owner makes the decisions on what products to sell, not someone sitting in a corporate office out-of-state.  Products sold from local businesses are tried and tested in the community in which we live… and that’s saying something. 


If you’re thinking of buying boots this Christmas, we invite you to shop local at Russell’s. As a special gift for Central Florida Ag News readers this holiday, when you show this article at checkout, you’ll receive a free gift with purchase from Russell’s.  


1Study from AMIBA;  2Study from RubiconGlobal;  3Article from Entrepreneur.com; 4Blog from ThrivingLocally.com   

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