Ben Adams, Jr.

Celebrating 10 Years of Unwavering Commitment

Adams Cold Storage turns 10 this month, so say what you want about the other 11 months of this incredibly challenging year, but December 2020 is a gem. It’s been quite a ride, as you can imagine, full of challenges and triumphs, adaptation and stability. Here are some of the things that come to mind as we close out this first decade of operations.


It was a challenge to get the doors open by December 2010: We needed five months and several millions of dollars of rehab and modernization to get the initial 200,000-square-foot food grade facility ready.


When we opened our doors, we had 12 employees. Our first customer was Louis Dreyfus, which brought in frozen lemon and lime concentrate from South Africa.


After three months of operation, we were profitable. We haven’t looked back since.


Our facility has grown to 250,000 square feet, while our staff has grown to 47 with an added second shift. We now have over 200 customers — from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups — and we import from or export to 33 countries, as well as ship and receive to and from 49 states.


We have received four consecutive AA ratings from BRCGS — the recognized world leader in food safety and compliance auditing. We have been named the Auburndale Business of the Year and have facilitated over $1 million in food donations from our customer partners to not-for-profits.


So, what are the takeaways? It comes down to two things.


First, we evolve as the industry evolves. There has been an ever-increasing focus on food safety and, especially, food defense regulations throughout the supply chain. We have built a company that can not only keep up with the changes, but stay ahead of the curve in order to serve our clients.


Second, since day one, the philosophy of Adams Cold Storage has been that good customers become good partners who stay through thick and thin. Louis Dreyfus remains our partner, as do dozens of customers that started with us. We are proud of our partners. We are proud of our employees.


And we are proud of our first 10 years.


Now … on to the next 10.

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